class contents

You can choose to enroll in a "textbook class" or a "free talking class"


common | ~5min

Greetings and prior review


textbook class | ~15min

Studying expressions by using textbooks designed for your level


textbook class | ~25min

Freetalking on a textbook topic


freetalking class | ~25min

Freetalking on everyday topics


common | ~30min

reviewing today's expressions


common | ~30min

reviewing today's expressions

  • Classes are taught only in Korean. However, some explanations may be added in English or Chinese to help you to understand.

  • Textbooks are freely available in the form of PDF files.

  • Classes are held between 9 am to 10 pm (KST). Please note.

  • If you are looking for other kinds of content such as preparing for the TOPIK, etc., we can prepare a tailored class.


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