Writing Tutoring


How it works?

1. Write 500 characters about your life

or specific topic we providing once a week.

(We produce custom lessons according to your purpose)

2. 3days later, Your tutor will feedback

your writing and teach you expressions.

3. Doing homework : making sentences

by using expressions you've learned.


Why should I do this?

Writing needs more accuracy than speaking.

So you can study deeper naturally.

If you continue to write alone

without correcting the wrong expression,

you will use strange Korean as a habit.

You can prepare TOPIK writing

or other korean essay writing with us.

You can communicate with Korean tutor

about anything you want.

Your tutor will be your friend.



- Beginner : I can write my thoughts in Korean.
- Intermediate: I can write as many expressions as I want.
- Advanced: I want to write with correct grammar like a native.

- You can write on the subject you want or the subject we provide. 



It costs $50 for 4times a month.

- $12.5 per class

- Refund will be made based on remaining lessons.

- Paypal or bank transfer(korean account only)

Free level test

- We test students' levels using a free level test

and then make tailored lessons.

- ​You really don't have to register for lessons along with a level test.

Just get the study solution that's right for you for free!




사업자 등록번호 545-29-00799

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